Ajmal SacrificeIIHim & Carbon & Avid & Raindrops Deodorant Spray- For Men (200 ml, Pack of 4)

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Ajmal Avid is an intense deodorant created for the young and suave male. This deodorant swirls around the fresh and heartening notes as it resonates along its own unusual allure.

Carbon deodorant is for men who believe that life is an adventure, who want to capture every moment of every day and who live life by their own rules. With top notes of fresh citrus and lavender, this fragrance is distinctly eloquent, never failing to turn heads. A heart of green, spicy clove and violet adds to its fervent persona only to be heightened by the base notes of patchouli and musk.

Raindrops This fascinating offering from Ajmal represents the freshness of the ocean breeze and glitter of the sunrays. It is combined with a blend of floral and fresh Fruity notes that holds true feelings of petrichor. It is refreshing and represents the drizzles along with the cold breeze of monsoon.

Sacrifice – for Her’ is a fragrance designed for the emotional and intelligent woman. The one who wears this scent is a quietly confident woman who is caring and understanding. Jasmine lends it Floral fortitude enhanced with Aqua notes that lend the fragrance an Aqua-floral top. Orange blossom and Vanilla combine to provide a Floral-Musky heart. The base is reinforced by Amber and Musk to provide Woody, Musky elements.

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