Ajmal Dakhoon Raashid (200 gms)

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Fragrance Family              Floral
Brand                               Ajmal
Item Form                        Dakhoon
Item Volume                    200 gms
Alcohol Free
Fragrance Notes
Top Note – Rosy,
Middle Note – Powdery Musky,
Base Note – Ambery Woody Spicy
About this item
Dakhoon Raashid - The fragrance of this Dakhoon has the ability to bring calmness in your nervous system. It is also used to fragrant the house and clothes in such a way that the enduring fragrance permeates the entire dress. It works as an aromatherapy and can be enjoyed by both men and women, as it is not gender-specific.
Dakhoon Raashid - Made from natural ingredients to spread the marvellous fragrance.Fill your surrounding with the floral woody fragrance to enjoy every moment
The Dakhoon needs to be burnt to get the exotic fragrance. The charcoal can be used to properly burn it, in order to gradually release the fragrance smoke. Burn a charcoal in this way, until it glows on a Mabkhara, a special burner of metal or ceramic incense. An electrical burner can also be used to burn the Dakhoon which helps to start quickly burn it.

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