Ajmal Seleife CPO 10 ml

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Fragrance Family              Amber
Brand                               Ajmal
Item Form                        CPO (Attar)
Item Volume                    10 ml
Gender                             Men
Alcohol Free
Fragrance Notes
Top Note:            Citrus
Middle Note:      Spicy aromatic
Base Note:          Woody musky ambery
Spicy Notes, Aromatic Heart, Woody, Musky And Ambery.
About this item
Ajmal selfie is a fragrance with a sensual aroma. It is curated for individuals who are always cheerful and emit a positive vibe anywhere they go. This scent keeps you fresh and fragrant all day long. The top note is refreshingly citrusy with the essence of fresh orange and bergamot. It induces a lively fragrance and fills the air with joy. The heart note of the perfume reveals a serene essence of lavender and saffron. This complexly sweet note adds an aroma with a twist. The heart note of the perfume reveals an earthy and woody smell that is complex and captivating. It is a sharp and slightly musky aroma. The base note is a mix of sweet, woody, earthy and musky essence. It is composed of vetiver, patchouli and cedar wood.
Apply attar to the inside of each wrist and dab a little behind each earlobe with the inside of your wrists before it dries. You may also apply to the back of each knee, inside of elbow joints and back of your neck so the fragrance envelops you. Also, it can be applied to the cloth too.

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