Wild waters 250ml, primitive forests 250 ml combo pack

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Primitive Forests Green unisex eau de parfum from Ajmal is a fragrance crafted for a new facet of freshness. This fragrance lets you explore some natural aroma from the ingredients used in this creation. The top note is very refreshing with a prominent lemon accord which is a blend of orange oil and fresh ginger oil from India. The cardamom oil adds to the zesty facet of the citruses, while you get a floral-aromatic feel with the geranium oil. The airy marine accord boosts the richness and uniqueness of this fragrance.


Wild waters This uniquely designed perfume undeniably performs well when it comes to delivering fresh aquatic fragrance. The combination of the ingredients is amazingly blended to give the wearer an exclusively refreshing feeling with every note. The perfume acts as a refreshing and rejuvenating medium for the wearer to enhance the mood spreading the fragrance among the people around.

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