Ajmal Distraction Deodorant 200ml

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Fragrance Family:                 Floral

Brand                                      Ajmal

Item Form                               Deodorant Spray

Item Volume                          200 ML


Deodorant Notes:

 Top Note – Citrus-Orange, Fir Balsam, Spicy-Cardamom, Petit grain,

Middle Note – Sea, Floral-Lily of Valley, Sage, Rose,

Base Note – Woody-Sandal Wood, Oak, Musky, Vetiver.


About this item- This deodorant made of layers of rich notes to amuse the wearer. The accords of the fragrance play incredibly well to uncover a sensitive and lavishing experience. The fragrance opens with a burst of citrus-spicy tones with a twist of fresh-fruity undertone in it, which is achieved by the combination of citrus-orange, fir balsam, spicy-cardamom and petit grain. This magnificent fragrance certainly is delightful and charismatic with its reminiscent aroma composed out of various aromatic and woody ingredients.. 

 Usage- While applying DEO give it a good hard shake first to make sure all the ingredients are mixed together before you spray it. You should hold the bottle approximately 5 to 10cm away from your body or clothes as you spray it

Customer Reviews

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Gairika Das
"Pure sexiness in a bottle"

Never smelled any fragrance like this. The smell lingers around for a very long time. Its uniqueness is almond as one of the notes.


Exceeded all of my expectations!! I LOVE IT!! 💖💋💋✔✔ Thanx Rsk Fragrance

Adrija Chatterjee

If you want to go for a posh classy smell...this is the one for you...i personally am very choosy about the fragrance i wear....i absolutely love this smell.

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